It’s great weather for the Little League United States Championship Game in Williamsport, PA.  The two Little League teams from Goodlettsville, TN and Petaluma, CA are arguably the best playing 2 Little League teams in the tournament with great pitching and power hitting.  Today’s game should be a great game!  Let’s go Boys from Goodlettsville.  Bring home the Championship for Tennessee!!!

Top 1st Inning:  Jake Rucker walks.  Jayson Brown strikes out. Brock Meyers hits his 4th Home Run of the tournament. Luke Brown strikes out. Cole Carter grounds out.

Bottom 1st: Petaluma starts the inning with 3 straight singles loading the bases.  Bradley Smith grounds out into double playing scoring one run.  Kempton Brandis strikes out to end inning.

Top 2nd Inning:  Butler grounds out.  Ryan Lyle singles.  Andrew singles with runner out.  Jonathan Seals grounds out.

Bottom 2nd Inning:  Brock Meyers strikes out all three California batters to retire the side.

Top 3rd Inning:  Jake Rucker starts out the inning with a single.  Jayson Brown hits a single into right, Jake Rucker heads for home plate to score with Jayson Brown Hustling to 2nd base.  Brock Meyers just misses another home run slightly foul.  Petaluma makes a pitching change with White.  Brock Meyers singles to first, Jayson Brown moves to 2nd base.  Luke Brown singles to the outfield with Jayson Brown scoring.  Cole Carter singles in Brock Meyers to score leaving runners at 1st and 3rd base.  Lorenzo Butler slams a Home Run over the Right Field Fence to score 3 runs.  Blake Osbourne strikes out.  Colin O’Berry drives deep fly ball to center for 2nd out.  Seth Marlin strikes out to end a big 6 run inning for Goodlettsville

Bottom 3rd:  Lorenzo Butler makes a diving catch to throw out the first California batter at first.  Next CA batter gets a walk to 1st.  Logan Douglas swats a double into the outfield leaving CA runners at 2nd and 3rd.  Danny Marzo hits a blooper over the short stops head scoring one run and moving to 2nd with runner at 3rd.   6’3″, 210 lbs Bradley Smith hits double to left to score 2 runs and takes 3rd on a throwing error making the score 8 to 4.  CA puts down a bunt for 2nd out and Smith holding at 3rd.  Pitch gets past TN catcher and  Smith scores from 3rd.  Brock Meyers strikes out last batter for 3rd out.  Petaluma scores 4 runs to make the score 8 to 5 Tennessee.

Top 4th Inning:  Jake Rucker grounds out.  Jayson Brown strikes out.  Brock Meyers singles to right.  Justin Smith singles to center moving Rucker to 2nd.  Cole Carter singles to center scoring Brock Meyers and moving Justin Smith to 3rd base.  Lorenzo hits 3 run home run just over the reach of Bradley Smith in Center Field making the score 12 to 5.

Bottom 4th Inning. California goes quietly as Brock Meyers retires the side.

Top 5th Inning:  Andrew Snyder ground out on a close call.  Jonathan Seals hits double to right field.  Andrew Snyder moves to 3rd base on pass ball.  Smith thrown out at 3rd on ground ball.  Runners on 1st and 2nd with Brock Meyers up to bat.  Brock Meyers strikes out to end inning.

Goodlettsville 12, Petaluma 5, Bottom 5

Bottom 5th Inning:

Petaluma’s Porter Slate Flys out to left field.  Logan Douglas strikes out. Danny Marzo strikes out.  Brock Meyers retires the side again!

Top 6th inning:

Cole Carter hits single to right giving Tennessee 15 hits.  Lorenzo Butler up with runners on 1st and 2nd. OMG!!! Lorenzo Butler hits his 3rd THREE RUN HOME RUN OF THE DAY!!!  OMG!!!  Little League World Series Record!!!  4th batter grounds out for first out.  Logan Butler is going to be all over ESPN!!!  Colin O’Berry strikes out.

Bottom 6th Inning:

1st Batter singles to right.  Brock Meyers reaches his pitching limit and leaves game.  Ryan Lyle now pitching for Goodlettsville.  2nd batter singles for runners on 1st and 2nd.  3rd batter singles to center to load the bases.  Gago grounds to 3rd to score run and leave the bases loaded.  Next batter singles to center scoring 1 run.  Next batter doubles to left center, ball gets by outfielder, 2 runs in with runners at 2nd and 3rd.   Goodlettsville making pitching change.  Luke Brown now pitching for Tennessee.  California batter singles out to 1st scoring one run.  Petaluma hits infield single to score another run. Next batter flies out to center for 2nd out of the inning.  Petaluma is now down to it final out.  Triple to left field scoring another run.  Petaluma down to final strike.  Wow!  Petaluma hits Home Run to pull to within 1 run 15 to 14.  California hits Home Run to tie the game!  Wow!  Fly ball to right center for finally end the 10 run California inning!  Now own to extra innings!

Extra Innings: Top of 7

Jake Rucker singles to center. Jayson Brown singles to right.  Brock Meyer doubles of the center field wall scoring 2 runs!  Luke Brown singles to center scoring Brock Meyer and safe at 2nd. Jonathan Seals hits to center scoring run.  Lorenzo Butler draws a walk to put runners at 1st and 2nd base.  Pass ball to move runners to 2nd and 3rd base.  Ryan Lyle  grounds to 2nd baseman scoring one run.  Batter grounds out to score another run for Goodlettsville.  Jonathan Seals hit with pitch and takes 1st base.  Jake Rucker doubles to 2nd base scoring Jonathan Seals.  Jayson Brown homers to center to score 2 more runs!!!  California pitching change.  Brock Meyers flies out for 3rd out.

Bottom 7:

First Petaluma batter grounds out.  2nd batter grounds out.  Next batter walks on 4 pitches.  Petaluma batter doubles to right field scoring one run on a throwing error. Bradley Smith strikes out for final out.  Luke Brown stays strong on the mound to win the game!  What a game!  Congrats to the Boys from Goodlettsville to win their first ever United States Little League Championship!!!