Japan and Tennessee play for the 2012 Little League World Championship in Williamsport Pennsylvania.  Japan is the very heavy favorite with their Ace pitcher on the mound today.  None of Tennessee’s pitchers can pitch due to exhausting their eligibility.  But this is Little League and anything can happen.  Let’s hope the home town boys from Goodlettsville Tennessee Little League representing the USA can pull the upset over Japan.

1st Inning:

Tennessee: Jake Rucker leads off for Tennessee.  Jake Rucker hits a bullet to ground out.  Jayson Brown strikes out.  Brock Meyers strikes out to retire the side.

Japan: Noriatsu Osaka leads off for Tennessee.  Osaka hits a triple to right field past Brock Meyers.  Shun Oshima grounds to short for the out and holds the runner at 3rd base.  Kotaro Kiyomiya single to right driving in the first run. Satoru Aoyama singles to left, runners at 2nd and 3rd now.   Yuta Ishida gets infield single to load the bases.  Ryuji Osada strikes out.  Rintaro Hirano is hit by a pitch, takes first and walks in a run.  Tatsuya Irie grounds out.


2nd Inning: 

Tennessee: Luke Brown strikes out.  Cole Carter walks to first.  Blake Osborne subs as pinch runner.  Lorenzo Butler strikes out.  Ryan Lyle strikes out ending the inning.

Japan: Hajime Motegi grounds out.  Noriatsu Osaka homers to center. Shota Hidaka strikes out.  Kotaro Kiyomiya hits fly ball to center with Jayson Brown making a diving catch for the 3rd out.


3rd Inning: 

Tennessee: Justin Smith grounds out.  Jonathan Seals grounds out.  Jake Rucker grounds out to end the inning.

Japan: Yuta Ishida hits home run to left center.  Danji Takahashi ground out. Keisuke Kagami strikes out. Tatsuya Irie is hit by pitch and takes 1st base.  Yuki Ishizuka ground out to end the inning.


4th Inning:

Tennessee: Andrew Snyder strikes out.  Brock Meyers homers to left center for his 5th home run in 5 games which sets a U.S. Little League record.  Colin O’Berry strikes out.  Cole Carter strikes out to end the inning.

Japan: Noriatsu Osaka homers for the 2nd time in the game.  Kotaro Kiyomiya doubles to center with runners taking 2nd and 3rd.  Kotaro Kiyomiya scores on a pass ball.  Satoru Aoyama walks to 1st leaving runners at 1st and 3rd.  Takuto Miyashita reaches first on single to 2nd baseman, runner tagged out trying to take 2nd base and runner scores on play.  Ryuji Osada strikes out.  Rintaro Hirano hits home run to center scoring 2 runs.  Tatsuya Irie grounds out to end the inning.


5th Inning:

Tennessee: Lorenzo Butler hits home run to right center!  Blake Osborne lines to the 1st baseman for first out of the inning.  Justin Smith strikes out.  Seth Marlin strikes out to end the inning.

Japan: Hajime Motegi reaches first.  Noriatsu Osaka homers to center to win the game for Japan.


Congrats to Japan for winning the 2012 Little League World Series.  The Boys from Goodlettsville Tennessee were out matched not being able to play their best pitchers facing a Japan team playing their best 2 pitchers.  It’s amazing one Little League team can have 2 pictures throwing the equivalent of 95 MPH pitches, but that is what Japan had throwing at Tennessee today.  The only hits Goodlettsville could muster today were home runs from Tennessee’s 2 best home run hitters Brock Meyers and Lorenzo Butler.  This writer is very proud of how the Boys from Goodlettsville battle against the equivalent of Major League pitching fast balls.