The Boys from Goodlettsville have won their first ever United States Little League Championship!  The Goodlettsville Little League All Stars faced a Petaluma California team that would not give up being down 10 runs and facing their last at bat and tying the game up to force an extra inning.  But the Little Leaguers from Goodlettsville had a little of their own “not giving up” to score 9 runs in the top of the 7th inning to win the game.  Brock Meyers pitched a superb game holding Petaluma to just 5 runs thru 6 innings of play.  Lorenzo Butler had 3 three run home runs and 9 RBI’s.  But my own star of the game was Luke Brown who came into relief with the score Goodlettsville 15, Petaluma 9.  You could here the Goodlettsville coach come in to calm Luke Brown down after a few pitches and saying “just have fun and throw strikes”.  So here was Luke Brown throwing strikes and giving up 6 runs and the lead to push the game into an extra inning.  Then Luke’s teammates scored 9 runs giving the lead back to Luke Brown in the bottom of the 7th. All Luke did was throw strikes giving up one run and striking out the  last Petaluma batter to win the United States Championship for the Goodlettsville Little League All Stars!  Luke Brown was a picture of composure and never got rattled.

You have to think Japan has a huge advantage with Goodlettsville’s pitching staff so depleted.  But I have to guess the coaches are telling these brave kids from Tennessee, that show no fear, to just go out and hit the ball.  So now we have to think that if the All Stars from Goodlettsville should score 24 runs against Japan, then they have an excellent chance to win the Little League World Series.  I’m reminded after Petaluma’s 10 run 6th inning, when it comes to Little League baseball, anything can happen!