Live Game Blog: 2012 Little League World Series Game, Japan 12, Tennessee 2, Final

Japan and Tennessee play for the 2012 Little League World Championship in Williamsport Pennsylvania.  Japan is the very heavy favorite with their Ace pitcher on the mound today.  None of Tennessee’s pitchers can pitch due to exhausting their eligibility.  But this is Little League and anything can happen.  Let’s hope the home town boys from Goodlettsville Tennessee Little League representing the USA can pull the upset over Japan.

1st Inning:

Tennessee: Jake Rucker leads off for Tennessee.  Jake Rucker hits a bullet to ground out.  Jayson Brown strikes out.  Brock Meyers strikes out to retire the side.

Japan: Noriatsu Osaka leads off for Tennessee.  Osaka hits a triple to right field past Brock Meyers.  Shun Oshima grounds to short for the out and holds the runner at 3rd base.  Kotaro Kiyomiya single to right driving in the first run. Satoru Aoyama singles to left, runners at 2nd and 3rd now.   Yuta Ishida gets infield single to load the bases.  Ryuji Osada strikes out.  Rintaro Hirano is hit by a pitch, takes first and walks in a run.  Tatsuya Irie grounds out.


2nd Inning: 

Tennessee: Luke Brown strikes out.  Cole Carter walks to first.  Blake Osborne subs as pinch runner.  Lorenzo Butler strikes out.  Ryan Lyle strikes out ending the inning.

Japan: Hajime Motegi grounds out.  Noriatsu Osaka homers to center. Shota Hidaka strikes out.  Kotaro Kiyomiya hits fly ball to center with Jayson Brown making a diving catch for the 3rd out.


3rd Inning: 

Tennessee: Justin Smith grounds out.  Jonathan Seals grounds out.  Jake Rucker grounds out to end the inning.

Japan: Yuta Ishida hits home run to left center.  Danji Takahashi ground out. Keisuke Kagami strikes out. Tatsuya Irie is hit by pitch and takes 1st base.  Yuki Ishizuka ground out to end the inning.


4th Inning:

Tennessee: Andrew Snyder strikes out.  Brock Meyers homers to left center for his 5th home run in 5 games which sets a U.S. Little League record.  Colin O’Berry strikes out.  Cole Carter strikes out to end the inning.

Japan: Noriatsu Osaka homers for the 2nd time in the game.  Kotaro Kiyomiya doubles to center with runners taking 2nd and 3rd.  Kotaro Kiyomiya scores on a pass ball.  Satoru Aoyama walks to 1st leaving runners at 1st and 3rd.  Takuto Miyashita reaches first on single to 2nd baseman, runner tagged out trying to take 2nd base and runner scores on play.  Ryuji Osada strikes out.  Rintaro Hirano hits home run to center scoring 2 runs.  Tatsuya Irie grounds out to end the inning.


5th Inning:

Tennessee: Lorenzo Butler hits home run to right center!  Blake Osborne lines to the 1st baseman for first out of the inning.  Justin Smith strikes out.  Seth Marlin strikes out to end the inning.

Japan: Hajime Motegi reaches first.  Noriatsu Osaka homers to center to win the game for Japan.


Congrats to Japan for winning the 2012 Little League World Series.  The Boys from Goodlettsville Tennessee were out matched not being able to play their best pitchers facing a Japan team playing their best 2 pitchers.  It’s amazing one Little League team can have 2 pictures throwing the equivalent of 95 MPH pitches, but that is what Japan had throwing at Tennessee today.  The only hits Goodlettsville could muster today were home runs from Tennessee’s 2 best home run hitters Brock Meyers and Lorenzo Butler.  This writer is very proud of how the Boys from Goodlettsville battle against the equivalent of Major League pitching fast balls.



Goodlettsville Tennessee Wins United States Little League Championship 24 to 16 in Extra Innings over Petaluma California

The Boys from Goodlettsville have won their first ever United States Little League Championship!  The Goodlettsville Little League All Stars faced a Petaluma California team that would not give up being down 10 runs and facing their last at bat and tying the game up to force an extra inning.  But the Little Leaguers from Goodlettsville had a little of their own “not giving up” to score 9 runs in the top of the 7th inning to win the game.  Brock Meyers pitched a superb game holding Petaluma to just 5 runs thru 6 innings of play.  Lorenzo Butler had 3 three run home runs and 9 RBI’s.  But my own star of the game was Luke Brown who came into relief with the score Goodlettsville 15, Petaluma 9.  You could here the Goodlettsville coach come in to calm Luke Brown down after a few pitches and saying “just have fun and throw strikes”.  So here was Luke Brown throwing strikes and giving up 6 runs and the lead to push the game into an extra inning.  Then Luke’s teammates scored 9 runs giving the lead back to Luke Brown in the bottom of the 7th. All Luke did was throw strikes giving up one run and striking out the  last Petaluma batter to win the United States Championship for the Goodlettsville Little League All Stars!  Luke Brown was a picture of composure and never got rattled.

You have to think Japan has a huge advantage with Goodlettsville’s pitching staff so depleted.  But I have to guess the coaches are telling these brave kids from Tennessee, that show no fear, to just go out and hit the ball.  So now we have to think that if the All Stars from Goodlettsville should score 24 runs against Japan, then they have an excellent chance to win the Little League World Series.  I’m reminded after Petaluma’s 10 run 6th inning, when it comes to Little League baseball, anything can happen!


Live Game Blog: Little League United States Championship Game, Goodlettsville 24, Petaluma 16, Final

It’s great weather for the Little League United States Championship Game in Williamsport, PA.  The two Little League teams from Goodlettsville, TN and Petaluma, CA are arguably the best playing 2 Little League teams in the tournament with great pitching and power hitting.  Today’s game should be a great game!  Let’s go Boys from Goodlettsville.  Bring home the Championship for Tennessee!!!

Top 1st Inning:  Jake Rucker walks.  Jayson Brown strikes out. Brock Meyers hits his 4th Home Run of the tournament. Luke Brown strikes out. Cole Carter grounds out.

Bottom 1st: Petaluma starts the inning with 3 straight singles loading the bases.  Bradley Smith grounds out into double playing scoring one run.  Kempton Brandis strikes out to end inning.

Top 2nd Inning:  Butler grounds out.  Ryan Lyle singles.  Andrew singles with runner out.  Jonathan Seals grounds out.

Bottom 2nd Inning:  Brock Meyers strikes out all three California batters to retire the side.

Top 3rd Inning:  Jake Rucker starts out the inning with a single.  Jayson Brown hits a single into right, Jake Rucker heads for home plate to score with Jayson Brown Hustling to 2nd base.  Brock Meyers just misses another home run slightly foul.  Petaluma makes a pitching change with White.  Brock Meyers singles to first, Jayson Brown moves to 2nd base.  Luke Brown singles to the outfield with Jayson Brown scoring.  Cole Carter singles in Brock Meyers to score leaving runners at 1st and 3rd base.  Lorenzo Butler slams a Home Run over the Right Field Fence to score 3 runs.  Blake Osbourne strikes out.  Colin O’Berry drives deep fly ball to center for 2nd out.  Seth Marlin strikes out to end a big 6 run inning for Goodlettsville

Bottom 3rd:  Lorenzo Butler makes a diving catch to throw out the first California batter at first.  Next CA batter gets a walk to 1st.  Logan Douglas swats a double into the outfield leaving CA runners at 2nd and 3rd.  Danny Marzo hits a blooper over the short stops head scoring one run and moving to 2nd with runner at 3rd.   6’3″, 210 lbs Bradley Smith hits double to left to score 2 runs and takes 3rd on a throwing error making the score 8 to 4.  CA puts down a bunt for 2nd out and Smith holding at 3rd.  Pitch gets past TN catcher and  Smith scores from 3rd.  Brock Meyers strikes out last batter for 3rd out.  Petaluma scores 4 runs to make the score 8 to 5 Tennessee.

Top 4th Inning:  Jake Rucker grounds out.  Jayson Brown strikes out.  Brock Meyers singles to right.  Justin Smith singles to center moving Rucker to 2nd.  Cole Carter singles to center scoring Brock Meyers and moving Justin Smith to 3rd base.  Lorenzo hits 3 run home run just over the reach of Bradley Smith in Center Field making the score 12 to 5.

Bottom 4th Inning. California goes quietly as Brock Meyers retires the side.

Top 5th Inning:  Andrew Snyder ground out on a close call.  Jonathan Seals hits double to right field.  Andrew Snyder moves to 3rd base on pass ball.  Smith thrown out at 3rd on ground ball.  Runners on 1st and 2nd with Brock Meyers up to bat.  Brock Meyers strikes out to end inning.

Goodlettsville 12, Petaluma 5, Bottom 5

Bottom 5th Inning:

Petaluma’s Porter Slate Flys out to left field.  Logan Douglas strikes out. Danny Marzo strikes out.  Brock Meyers retires the side again!

Top 6th inning:

Cole Carter hits single to right giving Tennessee 15 hits.  Lorenzo Butler up with runners on 1st and 2nd. OMG!!! Lorenzo Butler hits his 3rd THREE RUN HOME RUN OF THE DAY!!!  OMG!!!  Little League World Series Record!!!  4th batter grounds out for first out.  Logan Butler is going to be all over ESPN!!!  Colin O’Berry strikes out.

Bottom 6th Inning:

1st Batter singles to right.  Brock Meyers reaches his pitching limit and leaves game.  Ryan Lyle now pitching for Goodlettsville.  2nd batter singles for runners on 1st and 2nd.  3rd batter singles to center to load the bases.  Gago grounds to 3rd to score run and leave the bases loaded.  Next batter singles to center scoring 1 run.  Next batter doubles to left center, ball gets by outfielder, 2 runs in with runners at 2nd and 3rd.   Goodlettsville making pitching change.  Luke Brown now pitching for Tennessee.  California batter singles out to 1st scoring one run.  Petaluma hits infield single to score another run. Next batter flies out to center for 2nd out of the inning.  Petaluma is now down to it final out.  Triple to left field scoring another run.  Petaluma down to final strike.  Wow!  Petaluma hits Home Run to pull to within 1 run 15 to 14.  California hits Home Run to tie the game!  Wow!  Fly ball to right center for finally end the 10 run California inning!  Now own to extra innings!

Extra Innings: Top of 7

Jake Rucker singles to center. Jayson Brown singles to right.  Brock Meyer doubles of the center field wall scoring 2 runs!  Luke Brown singles to center scoring Brock Meyer and safe at 2nd. Jonathan Seals hits to center scoring run.  Lorenzo Butler draws a walk to put runners at 1st and 2nd base.  Pass ball to move runners to 2nd and 3rd base.  Ryan Lyle  grounds to 2nd baseman scoring one run.  Batter grounds out to score another run for Goodlettsville.  Jonathan Seals hit with pitch and takes 1st base.  Jake Rucker doubles to 2nd base scoring Jonathan Seals.  Jayson Brown homers to center to score 2 more runs!!!  California pitching change.  Brock Meyers flies out for 3rd out.

Bottom 7:

First Petaluma batter grounds out.  2nd batter grounds out.  Next batter walks on 4 pitches.  Petaluma batter doubles to right field scoring one run on a throwing error. Bradley Smith strikes out for final out.  Luke Brown stays strong on the mound to win the game!  What a game!  Congrats to the Boys from Goodlettsville to win their first ever United States Little League Championship!!!











Goodlettsville Little League All Stars Advance to United States Championship Game

The Boys from Goodlettsville Tennessee just keep on winning big games and now find themselves undefeated and playing in the United States Championship Game in Williamsport Pennsylvania with a thrilling 4-3 win over San Antonio Texas.  This years Little League World Series has so many strong teams with big pitchers and hitters.  Goodlettsville was facing a Red Hot team from San Antonio Texas that had not lost a baseball game all summer.  With Goodlettsville trailing 1-0 in the 3rd Inning Jayson Brown and Brock Meyers hit back to back home runs to take a 2-1 lead.  Brock Meyers Home Run to left center was halfway up the hill in right field.  Goodlettsville continued to cruise under the pitching of Jake Rucker until he had to exit once he reached his limit of of balls pitched.  Luke Brown made his first appearance in Williamsport as a pitcher and made the most of his moment on National TV.  While San Antonio got some key hits in the bottom of the 5th inning to retake the lead 3-2, Goodlettsville was just getting started. In the top of the sixth inning Goodlettsville scored 3 turns to take a 4-3 lead.  That’s when Luke Brown closed out San Antonio and win the game 4-3 and moving the Goodlettsville Little League Allstars to the U.S. Championship Baseball Game.  Lorenzo Butler made a spectacular catch of a ground ball and turned a game ending double play by tagging the runner and throwing to 1st for the final game winning out. Goodlettsville All Stars now await the winner of the California/Texas game to play for a spot in the Little League World Series.

As the Fans watching the game at Moss Wright Park on a Big Screen where they play their ballgames it is becoming crystal clear this group of Boys are a very special group of baseball players.  If they can win 2 more games they will win their first ever Little League World Series.


Nashville Predators 2, Detroit Red Wings 1, Preds take Series 4 to 1

The Nashville Predators have advanced to the 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs for the 2012 Stanley Cup.  The Predators came out ready to play and kept the pressure on the Red Wings all game long.  The Preds seem to be playing great Hockey right now both on scoring and defense.  The Predators will now advance to the next round to play the Phoenix Coyotes with the opportunity to advance and play in the conference championship game.

Good luck to the Nashville Predators as they continue to play their best Hockey of the season!

Detroit Red Wing Fans and Nashville Predator Fans entering Bridgestone Arena for Game 5

A Nashville Predators Fan Hammering Down on a Detroit Red Wings Car!

Nashville Predator Fans Entering Bridgestone Arena before Game 5 of the NHL Playoffs 2012

Predators and Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings Goalie stops a shot at the goal


Predator takes a shot at the Goal




Predator Charging for the Puck


Red Wing Goalie blocks the shot!


Pekka Rinne blocking a Red Wing Shot!


Pekka Rinne in Postion to Block the Puck


Plenty of Signs were scattered all around Bridgestone Arena for Game 5


The Preds playing Great Defense!


The noise in Bridgestone Arena was the loudest I've ever heard


A Predator holding off a Red Wing


Nashville Predator Fans stayed Loud the entire Game!





LSU Tigers Soundly Defeat Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland in Knoxville

Les Miles brought the top ranked LSU Tigers to Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium on Saturday for another road game and defeated the Tennessee Volunteers 38-7.  After jumping out to a 14-0 lead in the first half the Vols closed within 14-7 with 2:24 remaining in the 1st half behind the running of Tauren Poole.  LSU came right back with a field goal to end the half with LSU up 17-7.  Everyone was left wondering how Tennessee would approach the 2nd half after Matt Simms had thrown 2 first half interceptions and with Poole running the ball well to end the 1st half.  Unfortunately for Tennessee , LSU’s Defense took over under the guidance of John Chavis.  It was a difficult day for Coach Chavis returning for the first time to Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium as the Defensive Coordinator for LSU.

The 2nd half back breaker for Tennessee was a 99 yard touchdown drive accomplished by all running plays.  Vol Fans started hitting the aisles after going up 31 to 7 with 8:55 left in the game.  Starter Matt Simms was ineffective replacing the SEC leading Quarterback Tyler Bray who might miss the rest of the season with a hand injury.

From a fan perspective it was a beautiful day in Knoxville for the LSU/Tennessee football game.  Tiger Fans were huffing and puffing navigating the hills around Tennessee’s beautiful College Football game day.  Attending a Volunteer Football game is one of the best college football has to offer.  The Tennessee Band and the Vols running through the T gets no better on a pristine Fall Day in Knoxville, TN.

The Vol Navy Tailgating on the River outside Neyland Stadium

LSU Fans and Vol Fan standing in Front of LSU Team Truck

LSU Cheerleaders entering Neyland Stadium

View of downtown Knoxville from Neyland Stadium

LSU Tigers after pre game warm ups leaving field

Tiger Fan watching Pre Game Festivities

Tennessee Band marching down field to For the "T"

Tennessee Volunteers running thru the Tennessee "T"

Tennessee Vols running thru the "T" is one of the most iconic images of College Football

LSU kicks off to Tennessee

Tennessee receives LSU kick off to start game

The LSU Defense intercepted Matt Simms twice in the first half

Tennessee's first punt to LSU's Honey Badger is closely covered

Jarrett Lee hands off to Spencer Ware

Spencer Ware runs to the hole in the Tennessee defensive line

Spencer Ware breaks into the open field

Spencer Ware gaining another nice run into the Tennessee secondary

Jarrett Lee 1st Half Touchdown throw

LSU PAT is Good!

LSU Tiger Band

LSU Band playing Neck and Fans Celebrating LSU win over Tennessee

LSU Players starting to Celebrate Victory

LSU Fans Celebrating another Tiger win in an Empty Neyland Stadium

Tiger Players Celebrating after defeating Tennessee

LSU Tigers Defeat West Virginia Mountaineers 47-21

The #2 ranked LSU Tigers Football Team soundly defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 47 to 21 at Mountaineer Field in Morgantown, West Virginia to remain undefeated at 4-0.   Mountaineer Fans were dressed in their school Gold colors to paint the entire stadium Gold with clusters of Purple from the over 7,500 LSU fans who traveled to Morgantown, WV.

West Virginia Mountaineer Fans Wear Gold to Support their Mountaineers

It was this writers first visit to Morgantown for a West Virginia football game at Milan Puskar Stadium.  I was not dissapointed in anyway.  The West Virginia Fans were extremely friendly and proved to be very SEC fan passionate about their Mountaineers.  I was fortunate to receive an invitation from an LSU Fan who had received an invitation to tailgate with a large group of Mountain Fans.  This group of Mountaineers have been tailgating together for many years.  They had one of the best set ups for tailgating I’ve ever experienced on an out of conference road trip and they know their Whiskey!  This obviously has something to do with the name of their tailgate “Coughing Corner”.  It was great to learn so much about the history of West Virginia Football and how passionate they are for their Mountaineers. Thanks for the warm welcome from this great group of ‘Neer Fans who know how to roll out the Gold carpet to a visiting LSU Tiger!

It was a short walk to the stadium thru may Mountaineer Fans and Tailgaters.  Everyone was very friendly to this Tiger before, during and after the game.  After finding my seat in the upper deck of section 203 near the top I was happy to see what a great view I had of the stadium and game.  The Mountaineer Band was very entertaining and good.  I just wish the stadium managers would get rid of the piped in music that keeps blaring loudly, I would much prefer to hear the band!  The game started out quick for LSU racing to a 14-0 lead which brought the Mountaineer crowd noise down a few decibels until the 3rd quarter when West Virginia closed to with in 6 points.  After that LSU pulled away for good for another LSU win and the #1 ranking coming out the next day.

I’m including some of my pictures all taken on game day.  I was lucky enough to get the sequence of Tyrann Mathieu’s interception right before the half.  I can now check off  Morgantown as another great College Football game day experience!  Thanks again to all the West Virginia Fans who treated so many of us Tigers so well!!!

Morgantown West Virginia on the River before LSU West Virginia Football Game

West Virginia Tailgate...these Mountaineers know how to Tailgate!!!

Mountaineer Fan Enjoying the Day

WV Mountaineers singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" before the Game

West Virginia Tailgaters yelling before heading over to the game

LSU and Mountaineer Fans enjoying tailgating before the game! College Football at it's Best!!!

This is the view walking up to Milan Puskar Stadium before the LSU WV football game

LSU Pre Game Ritual had Tiger Fans on their feet yelling "LSU, LSU, LSU..."

The Mountaineer Band was very impressive as they formed the state of West Virginia!

Mountaineer Football team entering the field before kickoff

Mountaineer Football Team running onto the field to start the game

LSU Football Team running onto the Field to start the game

One of many Mountaineer Fan signs around the stadium

Mountaineer Field

Opening Kickoff

Mountaineer Fans were at a Fever Pitch to begin the game!

Look close, there is a lone LSU Fan hanging an LSU banner on the WV side, what bravery!

View of LSU Fans from section 203 upper deck...7 to 8,000 Tiger Fans cheering

Great View of the game from the upper deck! Not a bad seat anywhere in this stadium!

Jarrett Lee leading the Tigers

Beginning Sequence of Tyrann Mathieu's Brilliant Block and Interception just before Halftime!

I had no idea the Ball bounced so high in the air

Tyrann Mathieu is an amazing athlete!

Tyrann is so Tiger Fast!!!

I have no idea how Tyrann got down to the 1 yard line after being hit at the 10

Tyrann dragging a Mountaineer to the Goal line

What a play! Defensive play of the Game!

Celebration Time!

Jarrett Lee rolling out to throw a TD!

LSU Celebrating another Touchdown!!!

Vandy to College World Series after Sweeping Oregon State

Vanderbilt is headed to this years College World Series in Omaha for the first time in school history.  Aaron Westlake hit 3 two run Home Runs in lifting Vanderbilt to a sweep of the Oregon State Beavers in this years Nashville NCAA Baseball Super Regional.  Every year at this time the Commodores are done with their baseball season, but not this year, with a 52-10 record they are packing their bags for one of the most exciting events in all of college sports.  Just last week Major League Baseball selected an SEC record 12 Vanderbilt players in this years MLB draft.  Tim Corbin is recruiting some of the best High School talent from around the country to play at Vanderbilt’s Hawkin’s Field.  Now Coach Tim Corbin and his players get to play in their first College World Series in Omaha Nebraska.

Oregon 3rd Baseman Carter Bell up close on Tony Kemp at bat in 1st Inning

Oregon 2nd Baseman Jake Rodriguez goes high but just misses a line drive hit

Oregon Pitcher Ben Wetzler starts for the Beavers

Grayson Garvin Pitching for a trip to the College World Series

Carter Bell catching some more air as the pitch goes home. I've never seen a player jump up before every pitch home

Oregon Coach Pat Casey talking to this infield early in the game

Oregon tries to pick off Conrad Gregor at 2nd Base

2nd Pick Off Try at 2nd Base on Conrad Gregor

Conrad Gregor digging for 3rd

Jason Esposito ready at 3rd

Oregon's Carter Bell celebrates a double against Grayson Garvin

Hawkins Field at night

Hawkins Field looking toward right field

Hawkins Field behind Home Plate

Aaron Westlake rounding 2nd after one of his three 2 run home runs

Aaron Westlake greeting by his teammates after Home Run Trip

Vandy doing their traditional 9th inning jump

Vandy Wins Nashville Super Regional and Advances to Omaha!!!

The beginning of a Vandy Dog Pile

Vandy Dog Pile shaping up

Ever wonder what a Vandy Dog Pile looks like? Now we know

Vandy Celebration

Vandy Baseball Team thanking Commodore Fans

Coach Tim Corbin says "Now on to Omaha!"

Vandy 11, Oregon State 1, Dores one Win Away from CWS

The Vanderbilt Commodores took the first game in the Nashville Super Regional with 2 big 4 run innings early in the game behind the dependable pitching of Sonny Gray.  Once again Vandy was scoring runs with 2 outs as they have all season long scoring 60% of all their runs this season with 2 outs.  Vandy will now play Saturday night with the opportunity to win the game and advance to their first College World Series appearance in Omaha.

Oregon Baseball Fans at the Nashville Super Regional

Hawkins Family Cheering on the Commodores

Coach Corbin greeting his players before game

Coach Tim Corbin and Oregon State Coach Pat Casey meeting with Umpires prior to start of game

Oregon Pitcher Sam Gaviglio starting for the Beavers

Aaron Westlake safe at 2nd

Aaron Westlake headed for Home Plate

Curt Casali rounding 2nd and headed for 3rd Base

Jason Esposito scoring on of the 4 runs scored by Vandy to start the 1st inning of play

Vandy Baseball Fans cheering the big 4 run 1st inning

Another 4 run 2 out inning for Vandy, 60% of all runs scored this season have been with 2 outs for the Dores

Vandy Infield Ready

Sonny Gray was superb once again holding the Beavers to 1 run

Don't have a ticket? Join the many Vandy Fans watching the game from the Parking Garage

Oregon's Carter Bell gets air before every pitch, look at the space between his shoes and the ground

Aaron Westlake being greeted by his teammates after another one if his big Home Runs

Vandy Fans celebrating another Big Inning

Vandy Beats Belmont 6-1, Wins Nashville Regional

Vanderbilt’s Taylor Hill pitched a magnificent game with 13 strikeouts to beat Belmont 6-1 and win the Nashville NCAA Baseball Regional.  It was the 2nd win against Belmont in the Regional.  Vandy will now host the Super Regional against Oregon State for the opportunity to play in Omaha.  Here are a few pictures taken during the Belmont games.

Conner Harrell Running for 3rd Base

Coach Tim Corbin Coaching Runners at 3rd Base

Taylor Hill trying to pick off Belmont runner at 1st

Short Stop Anthony Gomez scooping a grounder for a double play

Vanderbilt Catcher Curt Casali digging hard and scoring from 2nd base

Mike Yastremski safely to 3rd base

Jason Esposito getting a lead at 2nd Base

Jason Esposito watching a line drive to center

Jason Esposito takes off for 3rd Base

Riley Reynolds sliding into 2nd base

Belmont's Josh Davis keeping an eye on 1st Base

Vandy's 9th Inning Jump

Vandy Celebrates winning Regional after beating Belmont

Taylor Hill Celebrates with Teammates after 13 Strikeout Win!

Vandy Catcher Curt Casali celebrating with Teammates

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