Vanderbilt’s Taylor Hill pitched a magnificent game with 13 strikeouts to beat Belmont 6-1 and win the Nashville NCAA Baseball Regional.  It was the 2nd win against Belmont in the Regional.  Vandy will now host the Super Regional against Oregon State for the opportunity to play in Omaha.  Here are a few pictures taken during the Belmont games.

Conner Harrell Running for 3rd Base

Coach Tim Corbin Coaching Runners at 3rd Base

Taylor Hill trying to pick off Belmont runner at 1st

Short Stop Anthony Gomez scooping a grounder for a double play

Vanderbilt Catcher Curt Casali digging hard and scoring from 2nd base

Mike Yastremski safely to 3rd base

Jason Esposito getting a lead at 2nd Base

Jason Esposito watching a line drive to center

Jason Esposito takes off for 3rd Base

Riley Reynolds sliding into 2nd base

Belmont's Josh Davis keeping an eye on 1st Base

Vandy's 9th Inning Jump

Vandy Celebrates winning Regional after beating Belmont

Taylor Hill Celebrates with Teammates after 13 Strikeout Win!

Vandy Catcher Curt Casali celebrating with Teammates